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Open Canopy

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Studios and galleries at Canopy welcome the public to view current exhibitions and studio work. Join us on Friday, January 18th, 2019 7-10 PM for this free event.


104   Melissa Borrell

106   Jess Wade | Jamie Wade

107   Karen Woodward | Kiah Denson

111   Rebecca Bennett 

116   Keva Richardson

117   NJ Weaver | Catherine Small

119   Caroline Walker | Mary Koniavitis

126   Emily Galusha | Scott David Gordon


201   Flip Solomon 

205  Elizabeth Chiles

206  Elizabeth Schwaiger

207  Neena Buxani

213  Court Loving

216   Kristy Battani

217   Lucy MacQueen & Ann Flemings

218   Cathy Savage | Cheryl Finfrock

220  martin justus lewis | B Shawn Cox

221   Jess KB


Big Medium


Bale Creek Allen Gallery

Lisa Crowder Jewelry

Modern Rocks Gallery

Son of a Sailor

Earlier Event: December 14
Darkening Ground
Later Event: March 1
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