Building 1 FAQ


Q: What is the lighting like in the studios? 
A: 35 of the 45 studios in Building 1 will receive natural daylight. Exterior studios which don’t ajoin Building 2 have windows (most windows are 2'-2" wide and 6'-4" tall). The courtyard-facing walls of interior studios will be made of polycarbonate material called Modulit 500 by Politec, which will let light through but still provide privacy. All studios will also have fluorescent lighting strips in each studio. The nice thing about the new fluorescent fixtures is we can get the bulb temperature around 3000 kelvin (warm white) instead of 6000 kelvin (day light/bright white). Old florescent fixtures used to be higher kelvins that gave off a blue or even green light. They have refined them to be much better and energy efficient. 

Q: Are walls next to the courtyard private? 
A: Yes. They are not actually see through. They're milky white semi-transparent walls which let in daylight.

Q: Will wireless be included in the rate? 
A: Guest wireless is available for free, and faster, more secure wireless is $10/month. If you want a personal, non-wifi connection, you'll need to hire your own service provider.

Q: Can I sign a six month lease instead of a year lease?
A: Yes, six month leases are available, however your rate is only locked in for the term of your lease. 

Q: How much will it will cost to heat/cool the space?
A: It is totally up to each tenant to determine how much air/heat they use. The units are very efficient, and tenants will individually have control over their own units. 

Q: How high are the ceilings?
A: Building 1’s ceilings are about 12’ tall. They are approximately 14’ 9” from floor to bottom of trusses in Building 2. They are approximately 9’9” from floor to trusses in Building 3.

Q: What is the floor made of? 
A: Concrete. 

Q: What are the walls made of?
A: Most walls are painted sheet rock with some exposed concrete columns. There are a few exposed concrete walls. The courtyard-facing walls in Building 1 will be polycarbonate material called Modulit 500 by Politec.

Q: How can I get started? 
A: Check our Spaces and Rates page for availability, then fill out the Rental Application, and we will be in touch shortly. Thank you for your interest!